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I am a Film student and trained in Film and TV practical, have advanced knowledge in areas i don't specialise in therefore understanding the industry. I feel being a part of a creative idea in anyway is exciting and the results always impress myself.

My professional experience extends across assisting; Following and recreating a Pre-made script to show attention to detail. Involved in projects that have started with surveys and research to conclude a topic of interest. I also have pitched ideas to a board to get a result, to start work on. Working as a team is a my strong point. 

I am half German half English, I speak German and some French.

My passion is for all areas in film and camera work. 

I am reachable for props and antiquities, set design and prop sourcing. Petty cash handler for areas in props as well. 

I have knowledge of:
Script writing
Camera operator
Sound operator 
Photo Shop

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